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Missions Trip 2023

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One of our INSPIRE core values is to come alongside the local church and our missionaries to foster a greater emphasis on community evangelism. Our desire is to create a culture where women are living a lifestyle of evangelism every day. The Inspire conference also unifies local churches to reach their communities. Inspire Rome was birthed from Pastor Jennifer Pasquale attending an Inspire conference in Vienna. She experienced Inspire and believes it will impact and empower women in Rome.

Testimony from INSPIRE in the Canary Islands May 2022 from Nikkita Lewen, AGWM:

Last year, Greg and I went to an International Church fellowship meeting and heard about the Inspire Conference. Melinda had explained to me about the vision and mission of Inspire and I knew that it would be an incredible opportunity not just for the women of our church, but the women from our island. When Inspire came to Las Palmas, we were able to see a beautiful and professional event. The team that came from the states, not only ministered to the ladies who attended the event and to our congregation but truly ministered to me personally. We were able to see God move through the hands of those that served. The women in our church were able to learn what it looks like to put on an event where women who have never been to church feel welcome and loved. We were able to see people set free, healed of depression, filled with the Holy Spirit, encouraged, and grow closer together. Why say yes to Inspire? Because it is a great opportunity to minister to women of all ages and cultures, by women who love Jesus.

Personal testimony from Nikkita Lewen Missionary and CLIC Pastor’s Wife in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

I have a friend here on the island from the UK. She and I became friends through a mutual friend that attended CLIC (our church here in LP). She has a daughter the same age as my oldest (Lana 4yo). I have known her for over 2 years and she hadn't stepped foot inside of the church in over 20 years. I told her about Inspire and, to my surprise, she said she was interested in attending, but just the first day. So she came, brought her daughter, which was the first time her daughter had ever attended church and came back the second day. She told me later that it made her think and she came away from it feeling refreshed and renewed. This was such a special moment for me and to know that Jesus loves my friend so much, that he sent Inspire to Las Palmas to minister to her. It was absolutely worth it.

Trip total $3024.50

(Price of the trip includes food, lodging, transportation, and the cost of the free day)

Application and Deposit of $1302.00 are due by August 15, 2022

2nd payment of $878.00 is due by October 15, 2022

Final payment of $844.50 is due by January 15, 2023

Trip Itinerary

February 19 - Missions Team departs the US

February 20 - Missions Team arrives, Orientation

February 21 - Sort and Organize Supplies

February 22 - Set up, decorate, and shop for the volunteer pre-party

February 23 - Set up and decorate for the INSPIRE conference

February 24 - INSPIRE Conference

February 25 - INSPIRE Conference

February 26 - International Church Service and Sightseeing

February 27 - Missions team departs Rome

For any questions or for more information please contact Diane Jones at

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